Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in the QRTEngine, before you get started, please note that the method was developed mainly for those who:

  • Have access to a full Qualtrics account (a trial account is not sufficient since Qualtrics does no longer support Javascript for these accounts).
  • Preferably have some experience using Qualtrics (otherwise, you might want to start here).
  • Want to implement a block-wise, multi-trial experimental design using the Qualtrics loop & merge functionality.
  • Are looking for precise timing across multiple objects (questions) in a trial (if not, consider using the Qualtrics Timing object).
  • Don’t want to set up your own hosting environment and want to keep programming to a minimum.

We recommend following at least the steps described below to get a solid base for working with the method:

  1. Read the paper – if you haven’t done so already
  2. Follow the Stroop Task Tutorial
  3. Follow the other tutorials
  4. Check out the example tasks