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    Hello folks,

    I too am very excited about this tool, and optimistic.
    Like Domonkos I am having problems from the pasting of the script from the QRTEngine.js into the header (although my problems are different).

    At first instead of downloading the .js file, my browser opened the javascript in a browser window, so I copied (ctrl a followed by ctrl c) and pasted (ctrl v) from that window into the header. This gave me an error before the text on each page that read “ERROR. String too long.”

    Next I noticed that there was a box at the end of the javascript, so I tried selecting the text from that window without that box at the end. When I did this, all the javascript showed up on each page, before the proper text.

    Next I thought maybe I am supposed to put the javascript in as source, so I clicked the source button in the header window, and pasted the javascript that way. In that case, whether the box is included or not, I just get a blank page for the first page of the survey (the introductory text that is supposed to show up appears for a second, but then it disappears). There is no way of continuing into the survey in this case, because there is no continue button.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?




    I think I figured out that I did need to put the QRTEngine.js information in as source, and that my problem with not being able to see the first question was because it was a consent form and I had not added the javascript into that consent form question, specifically:

    QRTE.waitForKey(this,’ ‘);

    I hope everything is working now. Thanks again for the tool.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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