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Hi Erwin,

thank you very much for your reply.

Before continuing with more questions on your reply, could you please briefly explain why you think your engine would work better than the Timing component already present in Qualtrics? I’ve been told in the meanwhile that for simple designs like the one we have (only words, no images/videos to load), the timing component might be sufficient?

Reply to Q1: Good to hear that!

Reply to Q2: Thank you for explaining that the Stimulus questions can be multiple, that’s very helpful. That means then that each block would have the following structure, is that right?
Stimulus 1
Stimulus 2
Stimulus 3
Would the Init/Exit questions have any content and would the participant see them?
You say that “The QRTEngine will advance through these blocks in the way defined by your configurations, which you should put into the Init question’s JavaScript.” Do you mean by ‘my configurations’ how long each stimulus will be displayed? The issue here is that we do not want to *limit* the amount of time each stimulus will be displayed, we rather want to *measure* how long the participant will take to read it and progress to the next page.

Reply to Q3: What I mean by that is that Qualtrics has an option of Importing a text file in order to save you the time of manually adding each question. I just saw now on their website that they say this would work if I had a back-end program that automatically generates .TXT surveys, which I don’t. Anyway, the issue here is we have multiple lists in our experiment and I don’t want to type in each question on each list. Do you think that it would work if I prepare a spreadsheet for each list and then use the Loop & Merge feature? Regarding the spreadsheet should it look like this (using one example to illustrate):
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
London is big. London is in the UK. Do you agree with the statement?

Further, I do not understand where I should enter the following piece of code beginning with the $ sign: ‘the data from each column can be input into your stimuli by entering ${lm://Field/1} for column 1, ${lm://Field/2} for column 2, etc.’

Thank you very much in advance and please excuse my ignorance!

Best wishes,