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Erwin Haasnoot

Hi Sam,

I’m glad you managed to figure it out. The feedback you provide is very useful to us, so if you have any other issues with any of the guides (stuff that isn’t clear enough), please do let us know.

Currently, by default, pre-trial initialisation is 3 times as long as the ITI is. We will update the ‘Build an Experiment from Scratch’ guide to reflect this. Also, if you think it’s useful that this number be changed, or to be changeable, please let us know about that.

The code examples in all of the guides are intended to replace the default code that Qualtrics puts into the JavaScript windows. The Exit item tag is supposed to be without the Greater and Lesser-than signs.

Can you expand on what the software/hardware issue was? We try to make the QRTEngine available to as many hardware/software combinations as possible (although support for IE6/7 is impossible, and IE8 is very difficult)

Thanks for your interest in the method!