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Erwin Haasnoot

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the late reply. Sadly the parser is a difficult subject to tackle. My hands are tied when it comes to having the QRTEngine return a proper, Qualtrics “native” data set. Qualtrics doesn’t support dynamically adding new columns to their data sets (neither in Questions, nor in Embedded Data). This is solved by having the QRTEngine output the dynamically created fields (such as Stimulus RTs, Responses, Onset & Offsettimes, etc. etc. ) in a relatively standard JSON format. The parser then takes this JSON format and turns into into columns in a CSV file.

Setting up your QRTE-enabled task correctly for the parser is rather tricky, as it relies on a few options that, if configured incorrectly, don’t negatively impact the performance of the survey, and as such are easy to go by unnoticed. I have released the source of the Parser on my github:, but sadly I haven’t found the time yet to properly document the code.

Regarding your issues: It sounds like your issues all differ from eachother. @Nina, maybe there’s something strange about your third participant that causes a hard crash in the QRTEParser. Would you mind e-mailing your datafile to so I can investigate? The same for your first participant, SY.

I have addressed Stephen’s issue in an e-mail he sent to me. The issue was due to Stephen’s task not containing unique question tags for his Exit questions, resulting in the parser continuously overwriting the data from the the previous block (and as a result, only having the last block left in the dataset, which consequently was the largest as well).