Online parser

We are happy to present you with a new option for parsing your QRTE data files. The parser webservice. It can be found at:

We noticed that most of the issues related to the parser are due to problems installing the required dependencies, and as such have decided to release this webservice, to increase the ease-of-use of the QRTEngine method.

We have taken a few security measures, aimed at minimizing the risk associated with file parsing, enumerated below.

  1. We generate a highly probably unique link for each file you upload, by generating a “Universally Unique Identifier” ( for each of them. This download link is only communicated to you through the e-mail you provide. This should prevent anyone from being able to successfully, randomly, guess the correct download url of a file.
  2. We delete any upload files, log files and parsed results that have been on our server for more than 24 hours. Both to prevent our hard disk from filling up, and to prevent as much as possible the accidental leakage of sensitive data on our end.

DISCLAIMER: we do not guarantee the safety of your data. This solution is aimed at data sets for which the leakage of it would not reveal any sensitive information regarding persons. For sensitive data we recommend reviewing the source code of the command line parser, and using that instead.

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