Parser (old Java parser)

The latest version of the QRTEParser can be downloaded here. The parser will convert the (wide-format, JSON structured) .csv file to be downloaded from Qualtrics into a .csv file that is long-format and can be imported in statistical software (e.g. SPSS, Excel).

Windows (all versions) 64-bit
Download Windows (64-bit) version of QRTEParser here: QRTEParser_win64 (Does not work on 32-bit windows)

Windows (all versions) 32-bit
Download Windows (32-bit) version of QRTEParser here: QRTEParser_win32 (Does not work on 64-bit windows)

OSX (all versions)
Download the OSX version of the QRTEParser here: QRTEParser_OSX_V001.
On opening, you may encounter the following message: “QRTEParser” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. To bypass this restriction, right-click on the file and click ‘open’.

Unfortunately, a Linux version is not yet available. We hope  to create a Linux version in the near future.