Henk van Steenbergen

Dr. Henk van Steenbergen has been the senior advisor of the project from the start. His guidance has been invaluable in turning the QRTEngine from a hobby project into a full fledged, working and user-friendly extension to Qualtrics, catering to the needs of psychologists such as himself.

Henk van steenbergen is an assistant professor at the Cognitive Psychology Unit, Leiden University (The Netherlands) and founder of the Affect, Motivation, and Action (AMA) lab. His research focuses on understanding the role of emotion and motivation and related neurotransmiters in the regulation of goal-directed behavior by employing behavioral, physiological and neuroimaging methods, such as EEG, facial EMG, pupillometry and fMRI. Henk has also published the first introduction book to E-Prime®, see www.e-primer.com.

Contact Information

Dr. Henk van Steenbergen
Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University
Room 2B14
Wassenaarseweg 522333 AK Leiden
The Netherlands
+31 (0)71 527 3655

Website AMA lab

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