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New QRTEngine parser in Python

Hi everyone,

We realise that a lot of issues arising in the QRTE method happen due to the workings of the java parser. Either the java parser doesn’t work at all on your system, it is buggy, or the input file is generated from a faulty survey and the parser doesn’t give a clear reason why it fails. For these reasons, we are in the process of creating a parser webservice, which can be found here: https://github.com/ErwinHaasnoot/qrteparser-webservice.

Although the webservice is not yet finished, the parser we wrote for it is in a much better working condition than the java parser, and as such we will be retiring the java parser in favour of the new one written in Python, which seems to be de-facto language for much scientific software being written nowadays.

Please use the download instructions here: http://www.qrtengine.com/downloads/parser-python-parser/

We hope this will alleviate many of the issues many of you have been experiencing with the parser. Please stay tuned for a message in the coming weeks about the webservice being finished up.

Best regards,

The QRTEngine team