Qualtrics Bug Work-around

Hi everyone,

A lot of people have recently (for about a week) been having issues with the QRTEngine, regarding false positives in one of the survey validation functions. Specifically, an alert box popping up right at the start of a trial indicating ‘You need to define two answer form fields in the Exit questions!’ even though there are two answer form fields included in that question. We have investigated this issue and found that this is due to a bug recently introduced by Qualtrics in one of its JavaScript APIs called getChoiceValue. We have contacted Qualtrics to notify them of this issue, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

The only work-around we can currently suggest is completely disabling the alert for now, by commenting it out. This implies that the engine is no longer checking whether the appropriate exit fields are defined, so if you do not do this correctly you may risk not acquiring the data correctly. So please be very careful and check your parsed data.

We have uploaded this temporary, version of the QRTEngine, that does this for you. So if you’re having issues with alerts being falsely thrown, please download the following QRTEngine source code and fully overwrite the QRTEngine version that’s currently included in your surveys.


Please note that this is actually version 16 of the QRTEngine in which we basically commented out the following line:

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Best regards,

The QRTEngine team

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Programmer of the QRTEngine, co-author of the QRTEngine paper, website administrator and really excited about possibilities of online experimentation.

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