QRTEngine temporarily not working (update: temporary fix)

Dear QRTEngine fans,

In Qualtrics’ most recent update the Survey Engine now caches Loop & Merge questions (uses the new Javascript Form Engine;JFE or Jiffy for insiders). Although in the long run this will cause significantly better performance of surveys (much lower ITI delays), in the short run this means that the QRTEngine is temporarily no longer compatible with Qualtrics’ Survey Engine. Unfortunately, Qualtrics didn’t offer us a chance to test the QRTEngine against this new version of Qualtrics’ Survey Engine and there seems to be no way to temporarily load the old Qualtrics’ Survey Engine, so we now have to play catch-up. We will keep you updated on our progress, and hopefully have the QRTEngine working again by next week.

If there are programmers that want to be involved in getting the new QRTEngine running again, please let us know at support@qrtengine.com

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards,

The QRTEngine team

Update 13 Oct 2015 – Jonathan: 

Erwin has completed a first work-around that brings back the fundamental QRTE functionality:


The most recent additions – arbitrarily low ITI’s and the removal of a ‘white flash’ that sometimes occurs – are not available for now, we aim to fix that asap and will keep you informed!

Update 20 Oct 2015 – Henk:

Some of you indicated that version 15 still works fine with the new Qualtrics engine, so you might also try to use that version (also includes the ‘white flash’):


Of course, make sure you comment out the following line in this v15 as well, since Qualtrics still has not debugged their erroneous getChoiceValue API.



6 thoughts on “QRTEngine temporarily not working (update: temporary fix)

  1. I wanted to note that, for my survey, the older (version 15) QRTEngine works better. In fact, version 17 doesn’t allow my Implicit Association Test (IAT) and Affect Misattribution Procedure (AMP) tasks (which both use Loop & Merge) to run. The screen remains blank during these blocks and does not allow participants to move forward. Version 15, on the other hand, allows the IAT and AMP to run relatively smoothly (with the occasional “white flash”).

    1. I think they did mention that the new Qualtrics version has changes that cause QRTEngine to not run, that’s why they’re playing catch-up, so what you just said was basically stated in the post that you commented on.

  2. I’m not sure if other people also have this issue, but the new version (17_jfe_fix) doesn’t work with my surveys, unfortunately. It gets stuck after one round of the delay test.

    1. If I use View Block, the QRTE blocks do work. When I use Preview Survey or take the survey as if I’m a participant, it doesn’t work.

  3. I’m having no luck with v15 or the temporary fix for v17. I either get the undefined field errors or no advance of the trials. This is using the connection test.

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