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    Stephen Martin

    Hey everyone,

    I just updated to v18; I haven’t yet launched a study, as I was waiting for the ‘dust’ to settle a bit.

    In this task, I have a fixation point (1000ms ITI) -> 1s mask, 500ms flag -> 1s mask -> image to rate from 1 – 4.
    In an older version of the task, I had 1000ms ITI -> 50ms mask -> 16ms flag -> 50ms mask -> image to rate.

    When I preview the survey, the FIRST trial is correct. It shows the fixation point, then a mask, then the flag, then a mask, then the image.
    Every trial after that though seems to be too fast. The fixation point is no longer shown, the masks sometimes show one after another without any flag.

    Any clue as to why this might be? A suspicion was that the older settings are still being used after the first trial, but then I should still see a fixation point.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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