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    Hi folks, first thing first thank you all for putting together this awesome program!

    For my questions: I put together the sample Stroop task and there are a couple of glitches that, if possible, I’d like to make go away. I’m not sure if others are experiencing these too or if it’s just me. (1) Once one trial ends and before the next begins (i.e. following ExitQ before Q1) the browser sort of jolts or blinks (I’m not sure how to better describe it), (2) I’ve noticed that in the course of the entire Stroop task (I used 144 trials rather than the 96 in the pre-made task) the task froze for several seconds at least several times. I’m taking the task from a standard laptop computer on a standard OS and with a standard wifi connection.

    Any suggestions?


    Erwin Haasnoot

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your interesting the QRTEngine!

    1) Does the jolting persist if you run the survey without preview mode on? Ie, launch the survey and then run it. The preview mode box at the top is what causes the jolting, usually.

    2) What usually causes the freezing is a slow connection to the Qualtrics server. A good way to check whether this is actually the case is by analyzing the data file (run it through the parser). If done correctly, you’ll see a InitPre[CalculatedDuration] column. This column tells you how long it took, in milliseconds, to load the page. If high values in this column (>1500-2000) correspond to freezes of the survey, the loading time is your culprit. If it’s not, let us know!

    Hopefully this helps.

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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