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    I have been receiving this error from the python parser:
    [ERROR] [CODE:2][TAG:ERR_MISSING_INDEX_1] Subject: R_3dPHJv5QNOWwBKd, ExitQuesti
    on: ExitPracAD,ExitAngDis,ExitPracAS,ExitAngSad,ExitPracSD,ExitSadDis, SubjectId
    : 1 – Exit question with index 1 is missing. Either Subject did not go through I
    ndicated block, or wrong row indices are used in Loop & Merge spreadsheet for Tr
    ial block with mentioned Exit Tag. Please fix.

    Initially, I had PreDelay and PostDelay blocks, so the list of ExitQuestion included them as well. I thought there was a problem with the PreDelay block (because it’s the first listed Exit item tag in the list in the message above) so I deleted it, but this error still persists. Subject (me) did go through all blocks, and correct row indices were used in Loop & Merge, so I don’t know why this error keeps appearing. I would appreciate any advice on how to fix this error. It’s been persisting no matter what I do, and I have not heard back from QRTEngine’s support team.
    Thank you!


    I discovered that in Survey Flow, I separated my Exit Questions with commas and not semi-colons, which seems to confuse the parser (making it think that all the exit questions are one, and also duplicate them in the data). I haven’t collected data yet, but if you already collected data and made the same mistake/run into the same error, my husband wrote a fix for it here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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