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    Shiyu Wang

    Thank you for building this great tool.
    I have encountered a problem while building a RT experiment. I tried to include multiple stimuli per loop, and hope to display the first stimulus while other stimuli show up one by one.
    My problem is, while I set the property stimContinue to true for the first stimulus, it only persists to display on the second stimulus, and then disappears on subsequent stimuli.
    I hope someone can shed some light on how I should go about implementing the feature I desired.
    Thank you

    Erwin Haasnoot

    Hi Shiyu,

    stimContinue works slightly different than, I suspect, you expect it to.

    The QRTEngine goes over each stimuli that you’ve defined in a trial, and per stimulus, decides whether the current stimulus should be the last stimulus on the current screen (page), or if it should look for another stimulus. Setting stimContinue to true is equivalent to telling the QRTEngine to not cut off the page at the current stimulus, but look for another one.

    So, if you have 3 stimuli, and don’t set stimContinue for any of them, it will show each stimulus separately, in sequence. However, setting stimContinue to true for stimulus one, would cut off the ‘page’ at the second stimulus, so what you’d see is stimulus 1 & 2 being displayed at the same time, but stimulus 3 being displayed on its own.

    The fix depends on what you require. An easy fix is adding the first stimulus, the one you want to display constantly while the QRTEngine loops through the remaining stimuli, outside of the ‘loop’, before the Init question. You might need to call QRTE.unhideQuestions() in the JavaScript of this question!

    Hope this helps,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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