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    I know NOTHING about javascript and have only ever used DMDX for experiments (and then e-prime (awful)) and then tried OpenSesame (OK, but I wanted something remote with no installation and secured data).
    I think I have followed the instructions in the “getting started” – following the “building an experiment from scratch” section to the letter. However, although I can see the Init text, nothing else happens. At first I thought it was because I don’t have the patience to wait for 5000ms (this was an issue when I moved from DMDX to e-prime) but I don’t think that this is the issue (I changed it to 1000ms to try). I have 2/3 questions:

    1. The version of Qualtrics i am using has a different looking JS bit to each question that has a header relating to the help text “All functions using the API must be wrapped in a Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnload function.”. Do I keep this bit of code in each question? (So that for example, your last question looks like this or do I have to get rid of some sets of brackets.

    /*Place Your Javascript Below This Line*/


    2. Where you say

    exitItemTag: ‘<Enter Exit ItemTag>’,

    Should this read ‘<Exit>’ (since my q3 is called Exit) or ‘Exit’

    As I said, simple minded questions.

    3. I am working from home on an ancient PC that runs vista. Could that be an issue with the display?

    Thank you for doing this – once I get this to work I am sure I will be a fan..


    Please don’t reply – it was an ancient software / hardware issue.

    Erwin Haasnoot

    Hi Sam,

    I’m glad you managed to figure it out. The feedback you provide is very useful to us, so if you have any other issues with any of the guides (stuff that isn’t clear enough), please do let us know.

    Currently, by default, pre-trial initialisation is 3 times as long as the ITI is. We will update the ‘Build an Experiment from Scratch’ guide to reflect this. Also, if you think it’s useful that this number be changed, or to be changeable, please let us know about that.

    The code examples in all of the guides are intended to replace the default code that Qualtrics puts into the JavaScript windows. The Exit item tag is supposed to be without the Greater and Lesser-than signs.

    Can you expand on what the software/hardware issue was? We try to make the QRTEngine available to as many hardware/software combinations as possible (although support for IE6/7 is impossible, and IE8 is very difficult)

    Thanks for your interest in the method!



    Sam McCormick

    Vista/old version of Java/New Firefox — finally remembered that commercial products with customer satisfaction surveys don’t display properly either (presumably only in Qualtrics with no extra twiddles), gave up and tried at work instead (Windows 7/new-ish Java/Firefox from one update ago) and your stroop task was fine. I am trying the masked priming now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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