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I’m not sure if you have this option, but if I choose one of my University’s themes, the “powered by qualtrics” message dissapears.

There is also this piece of code which does the job from

Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnload(function() {
var plug = document.getElementById(“Plug”);//Get the Defined element += ‘;color:white !important;’; //Set the defined element’s display style to “none”

I have had success inserting that code into the QRTE code, right after these two lines, appearing around line 420 or so depending on which version of QRTE you are using.

//Initialize the library itself (necessary for each trial)
QRTE.initLib(paramObj.blockData, paramObj.blockId, paramObj.columnData, paramObj.idData, paramObj.exitQuestions, paramObj.exitItemTag);