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Hi Henk,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve updated my code as you suggested, but still no luck. The same thing happens – the stimulus is presented for the full duration regardless of when and what buttons are pressed. I’ve also checked and the caps lock is not on. Note that in my experiment, there is no ‘correct’ response because people are making decisions based on preference. Do we HAVE to specify correct responses? I can arbitrarily specify one as ‘correct’ if necessary, but it makes no difference.

Here is my new code:

QRTE.Init ({
// +++++++++ Info necessary to properly initialize the library. DO NOT CHANGE +++++++++
blockData: ‘${e://Field/QRTE_blockData}’,
columnData: ‘${e://Field/QRTE_columns}’,
idData: ‘${e://Field/QRTE_idData}’,
exitQuestions: ‘${e://Field/QRTE_exitQuestions}’,
// ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

// +++++++++ Info required to initialize the library, changes based on Survey configuration
// Do change it when required!
exitItemTag: ‘Exit’, //Refers to the ‘Exit’ question of this block. Remove < and > tags.
//Enter the ‘item tag’, the tag that’s shown for the question
//while looking at the qualtrics editor (this question’s tag is ‘Init’)

blockId: “Trial_Block”, //Block Id, needs to be unique across blocks!
onLoadFn: function () {
QRTE.setConfig(‘Stimulus’, ‘endAction’,’terminate’);

QRTE.setConfig(‘Feedback’,’allowable’,’ ‘);
QRTE.setConfig(‘Stimulus’,’cresp’,’ ‘);
QRTE.setConfig(‘Feedback’, ‘endAction’,’terminate’);
interTrialDelay: [100],