Parser (Python parser)

See also the announcement about the python parser here.

Note: In case you do not want to install software, please use the online parser. Note: In case you do not want to install software, please use the online parser instead.

Installation steps

  1. Install Python version 2.7 (the parser does not work properly for version 3.x) (if you haven’t already) (Windows, Mac OS X) (It should be installed by default on recent linux distributions, and on Mac OS X version newer than Yosemite). For example, in our case we installed it at C:/Python27/.
  2. For windows users, after installing Python, please restart your computer. Otherwise the python command may not be recognized when you run it from a path other than the location where the python.exe is located.
  3. Download the zip archive of the parser qrteparser-webservice-master from and then extract the zip, or pull the repository (i.e. the folder qrteparser-webservice-master with contents) to a location of your choice. For example, in our case we saved it at P:/ExampleLocation/ so the complete path to the file is P:/ExampleLocation/qrteparser-webservice-master/

Running the parser

  1. Use your favourite command line tool (Windows, Mac OS X) to go the location where you extracted/pulled the repository into (Windows, Mac OS X)
  2. Run the following command:

In our case we used the following command (make sure the paths do not contain spaces!):


This will cause the parser to run on the given input file, and generates a zipped output file with _out appended to the file name. Please note that the output file cannot be opened and read while the parser is still processing the input file.

We have created a, hopefully, comprehensive list of errors that are likely to arise during the process of parsing, due to either the parser failing or the data input file being faulty. This should allow everyone to troubleshoot their own surveys in a much more extensive way. If any of the messages are unclear, please do let us know at, so we can work on making them more clear.

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